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Contact Us

87 Henderson Valley Road
Waitakere City
New Zealand

PO Box 12 1100
Auckland 1231

Telephone: 09 836 2272
Fax: 09 836 5232

Made by Charlie's


Squeezed Orange Juice

At Charlie's we've become fairly well known for our great tasting orange juice. Which is suprising because we don't really do much to it.

You'd think all those other "outfits" who do lots would be more famous. You know, the ones that add water, sugar and preservatives to a gooey orange concentrate . But they're not.

No, it seems people still prefer our original not from concentrate orange juice. Maybe it's because we simply find the best plump oranges and squeeze 'em, add a dash of vitamin c, pasteurize it (think milk) and deliver it to your local.

What ever the reason, we'll just keep doing what we do. After all, it seems that's just the way you like it.

Marc & Stefan

Pressed Apple Juice

Don't fall for a bad apple.

Here at charlie's we like to make sure the apples we use in our honest pressed apple juice are good ones. After all, we don't need to add any artificial stuff to make them any better.

Some others don't mind using bad apples, because they boil them into fruit concentrate and add water, and sugar, and then preservatives.

Not us. Every apple we use has to be up to scratch because all we do is crush them in our great big press, add a dash of vitamin c and pasteurise the juice (think milk) for quality.

So enjoy this not from concentrate (NFC) apple juice. The others may have fallen a little far from the tree.

Cheers Marc and Stefan

Crushed Pineapple Juice

When it comes to great pineapple juice, don't believe the yarns.

We all know people who like to um, 'embellish' things. Well, there's some juices like that too - all hype and not much substance.

Here at Charlie's we prefer to keep things honest as our NFC not from concentrate juice. We simply source the best golden pineapples, crush them in a great big press, add a dash of good old vitamin c and pasteurize the juice (think milk) to make sure it's just right. After that we deliver it to the shelf you just found it on. Honestly.

and if it's that simple, why, (you ask) would anyone want to use juice concentrate, or add sugar, or preservatives, or anything else? Well, it beats us.

We bet it's a very long story though.

Bottoms up, Marc and Stefan


Berry and fruit smoothy

Here at Charlie's the only secret to our great tasting berry & fruit smoothy is using real berries. So, it's simply packed with the sweet juice and pulp of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries... And more.

You are now holding the first not from concentrate (NFC) smoothy on the market. That means no concentrate, water, sugar, preservative blah blah blah...

So enjoy your delicious berry & fruit smoothy, because that's exactly what it is.

Marc & Stefan

Spirulina and fruit smoothy

At Charlie's we set out to make 1 litre the best feijoa & fruit smoothy around and created a kiwi first in the process. A not from concentrate (NFC) fruit smoothy, classic!

because we refuse to use concentrate, we didn't need added water. So we packed a whole lot more feijoa in with our blend of apple, banana, passion fruit and pineapple.

It's naturally sweet so out went the need for added sugar. And, by kindly pasteurizing it (think milk), we had no need for preservatives. So even more feijoa.

So here's a feijoa & fruit smoothy that funnily enough, tastes like orchard picked feijoas.

Marc & Stefan

Feijoa and fruit smoothy

Packed with protein and stuff the body just loves, we think spirulina's a super food. So, we made New Zealand's first NFC not from concentrate spirulina & fruit smoothy using, you guessed it, spirulina.

We just chuck in crisp apples and blended banana with real kiwifruits and apricots. We figure that's plenty of natural sweetness and there's no need to add anything else!

we think it's a super smoothy. After all, its made with a super food.

Marc & Stefan

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